Peck is an alpha of Jamaa, (the alpha bunny) who gives you the tutorial and helps you dig out your first room. Peck spends a lot of her time fighting the antagonists of Jamaa, phantoms. Peck has a hot temper and is a great artist. Peck is full of talent, however Sir Gilbert wonders if she should even be an alpha.

Role and Appearances in Animal JamEdit

Peck first greets you when you arrive in Jamaa, as she goes off about that being the "oldest phantom trick in the book." It gives you the essential knowledge that Peck spends a lot of time trapping Phantoms, for the non-animal jam players.

Peck then proceeds to give you instructions which are forced upon you, such as digging your first room and farming your first crop. 

Role and Appearances in Animal JamEdit

Peck is one of the Alpha's of Jamaa, and barely appears in Animal Jam. However, Peck, (like all the Alpha's) appears on the front page of Animal Jam beside Cosmo, the monkey alpha. On the Daily Explorer, Peck has her own page which reveals her personality. Peck is the newest member of the alpha's, thus the least experienced.